What people say about Ken Hill

“Nobody better at taking a new product to the end users”

“I didn’t think anyone could turn it around as fast as you did”

“Ken Hill gets things done”

“You bailed us out of a real jam”

“Wow, everyone is happy and nothing is broken”

“Ken Hill is an agent of change”

“Ken Hill saved us from ourselves”

“Ken has a 50,000 foot view, with the ability to see from the ground as well”

Web Pages Ken Hill recommends shares the love of a man and his dog

Find Obscure and not so obscure tech news here

Texas High School Stadiums on YouTube

Fort Worth Actors Studio, a well respected place for acting lessons.

The Emergence Institute, for holistic healing and recovery.

This Movie is coming soon, check it out.

Need great production of film? These guys are great.