Ken Hill grew up in a household with a garage full of what his Dad called “printed circuit boards”  As a serviceman for a major computer company, he taught Ken how computers work.

Ken started his career installing computer systems into small businesses, and the company had antiquated technology but was very successful because the businesses used the systems to the fullest, with the help of the company.  It was there Ken Hill learned the value of making sure the customer could use the system.

After being frustrated with bad startup companies and big companies that did not take care of the customer,  Ken Hill started his own company, partnering with reputable developers that allowed him to deliver their products in the style that he loved.

Frustrated with the burgeoning Windows environment, and the IT world’s lack of concern for the customer, Ken Hill fell into the IT world by becoming the only IT in a small oil company.   After six months, the comments from outsiders were “everything works and everyone is happy”.   Backups worked, problems were resolved quickly, and customers were given the information and communication to understand resolutions and possibilities.

Ken Hill is looking for people who want to be happy, not frustrated with technology, so you can see the benefits and possibilities of technology.  Everyone should see the payoff to their bottom line for technology, and not see it as purely overhead.

Ken Hill LOVES making IT the hero, not the pain.

Ken Hill LOVES helping people understand their technology.

Ken Hill LOVES to find creative ways to make technology profitable and productive.

Ken Hill LOVES empowering users to use technology.

Ken Hill LOVES teaching and educating users on Technology.