Installed the first LAN in the NTTA, but only as part of delivering a total solution for an application.

Delivered the first online score reporting and standings system for a youth sports organization.

Walked into an IT department that had been totally vacated by all those familiar with the systems, and turned it around in 6 months.

Stepped into a remote Oil and gas location as the IT representative and no one spoke to me for two weeks.  In two months there was a line outside my door every Monday that was at least 10 deep.

Connected 9 Processing Plants, installed 4 servers and 15 workstations in Rockwell Automation Software. Provided support to 50 users and Setup Network Monitoring for all data points of collecting readings from Rockwell PLCs, as well as all networking devices in the system. Managed and maintained 1200 HMI Screens.  All this was done with minimal in house help.
Certified Rockwell Training included SE, Asset Centre and Historian.

Brought data from 124 Total Flow meters into HMI for measuring daily flows from our upstream provider into our midstream plants. 25 HMI screens to show the daily numbers, including monitoring for faults in the network, the hardware in the network, the total flow meters, the Windows Servers, Workstations, and the Rockwell Software.

Website development for nonprofit for special event, providing daily analysis of traffic, email services, and credit card processing for donations. Provided updates for event news and promotional materials for publication.

Software Installations including training and a customized delivery based upon needs analysis which were always under budget when parameters were followed. Customers were given ongoing consulting with a view of independence in areas within their capabilities.