My favorite computer

My favorite computer is my Chromebook.   Before you hardliners gasp,  Hear me out on my reason number one.

I bought my first Mac 7 years ago.  I still have it.   I bought another,  just because I wanted another one.  But as much as I like my Macs, It still is not my favorite  computer.   I still have a Windows computer, for many reasons.

I did not buy the best chromebook, because I was not sure I would like it.  I just wanted to work with the operating system.

in today’s world of hackmania, identity theft, and outside forces trying wreck my world through the computer,  there is one big reason for having a chromebook.

Security.   I knew that when I bought it.  Now everyone else is figuring it out.

But don’t believe me, read more about it in this write up on Cnet.

When the experts in security believe it, you can too.

Be safe out there.  Avoid all the hassles one can.

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