Technology versus humanity

I keep wondering when the James Bond franchise will get old to me.  It seems to always ring a bell for me.  I do like the action, but the story lines are what hook me.  I recently watched Skyfall again, and as a tech person, it makes a statement I have been making my whole career.  Total trust in technology means a hacked system puts everybody at risk.

Human judgement is better than technology, when dealing with all the potential anomalies and changes in markets, products, and a host of other variables that are impossible to document real time.  An educated human eye picks up those changes and adjusts on the fly.

I love new technology that makes companies more productive, efficient, and profitable.  But I enjoy teaching leaders the tricks of the technology, in addition to what they be judicious in making decisions base up that technology.

A recent Wall Street Journal article documented the problems with virtual assistants.  They have apparently hit a wall with their functionality.

I still get a kick out of realizing I left a light on, and have to get out of bed to turn it off.  I get a kick out of getting out of bed because I forgot to brush my teeth.

But I am guy who brags that he rode a motorcycle 700 miles one day in the rain, with the temperature closing in on 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  I consider critics of my ride soft.   I don’t ever want to be accused of being soft.

Which is why I liked Skyfall so much.  Bond, a mere human, was the only guy that could get the hacker and stop the destruction.  That makes him my hero.

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