Artificial Intelligence, How Far Can it Go?


In the eighties, I remember seeing the computer do things that only 40 years earlier, no one was imagining. I watched computers provide analysis of data that would have taken many more man-hours to produce, so much so that it was not worth it. Tell the computer what you want, and it will produce it.

Today, in his 60 minutes interview, Kai-Fu Lee, nicknamed the Oracle of AI,    gives an update on how far AI has gone, and how far it possibly can go.

I reiterate often to whoever will listen how I believe a human must be close to and in control of this kind of technology. My argument has always been that there are too many variables to program into a system to cover everything a human can interpret to put my trust completely into an unsupervised computer.

Kai-Fu Lee said it better than I ever could. What he confirmed to me, and to a broad audience, was that he did not think it possible to program love and compassion into a computer.

Certain human emotions that go into decision making give an advanced thought that cannot be programmed into a computer…..yet.


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