Are the Changes Overwhelming? Questions?

When I chose technology as a career some time ago, I embraced the change. It reminded me of playing football, where the good teams always threw something at you to take one out of balance. You had to stay on your toes (literally, in football) to be ready for the surprises. I was constantly trying to anticipate what the next play would bring. As I became experienced, I was always amazed at how the opponent would come up with something new. It created in me a habit to never think I had all the answers. (One football coach got really mad because I made changes before he approved it, but agreed I did the right thing). It created in me the knowledge that if I got complacent, something would bite me. It made me move on from those that were unwilling to embrace the change.

Fast forward to today. Change is all around us. Happening too fast for you? Need help? Reach out, I have done it so many times, making twists and turns in football like agility that most people have no desire to do. The changes are going to keep coming, so be ready.

Don’t believe me? Read this from the Wall Street Journal

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